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NRG is a community based running group and has a NSW registered COVID-19 Safety Plan. As such:

  • Every participant or attendee MUST register for each run via the Event Calendar on this website.
  • Follow and cooperate with the directions of run hosts and pace leaders to ensure safe and enjoyable runs.
  • Give other pedestrians good reason to judge us as respectful runners
  • Please stretch before you get there. We may not be able to stop at traditional stretch points until we’re unrestricted.
  • Stay at least 1.5m apart at all times, and avoid touching anybody.
  • We recommend carrying a mobile with the COVIDsafe app.
  • Keep a safe distance from others and don’t gather in groups before or after the run, including at cafes.
  • Above all, please stay home if you feel unwell or have symptoms typically associated with the virus, even if you think it’s just a cold or flu. Get tested if unsure.

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About the Northside Running Group

The club provides a friendly environment for anyone who wants to run at any level from basic fitness training through to competing in ultra marathons. There are a variety of running sessions each week and for newcomers we offer beginner courses throughout the year.

Our membership spans all ages from 15 to 88 and with an even mix of males and females, it provides a fun and social environment to meet new friends. Social functions are held throughout the year and include social gatherings after running events, trivia nights, bushwalks, dinners and weekends away such as training weekends in the Blue Mountains or to attend race events such as the Gold Coast marathon and half marathon.

Our Objectives

The main objective of the Northside Running Group is to help and encourage runners to achieve their running goals. The club is run by runners for runners. We offer group sessions led by run leaders and qualified coaches assisted by pacing guides. Runs are open to club members only however, you may come along to two sessions as a non member to try us out before joining. If you wish to continue to run with Northside Running Group, you will need to become a member.

We run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We also have morning runs on Wednesday and Saturday.

Membership has many benefits:

Running with a group will keep you more motivated and training more often.
Improve your running technique, speed and endurance with training sessions led by qualified coaches.
Be in a safer running environment with other runners.
Keep up to date with events - social, education and running events on the NRG site and weekly bulletins.
Be covered by insurance for public liability, death and disability when running with NRG.
Get discounts from various suppliers who support our club.
Wear our uniform for support and recognition from runners and their supporters at events throughout Australia and internationally.
Meet new people and make new friends.
Discover parts of Sydney you have never seen before.
Receive advice and tips from experienced runners and coaches
Improve your running knowledge with our regular education evenings
Join in social activities and training camps
Join other members on overseas trips for specific events eg London, New York Boston, Comrades and Paris marathons.

From time to time we run special sessions at a small cost to members and non-members focussing on specific aspects of running such as increasing your run speed, strength and endurance training as well as regular education nights with qualified, guest speakers.